Friday, February 18, 2011

Pink Rose Bouquet

Secrets for Fresher Flowers

Fresh Water

1) Fill a clean vase with water that is cool, but not cold.

Remove Foliage

2) Remove all foliage that will go under water once the flowers are in the vase. Leaves and small branches left under water will decay and cause bacteria to grow. Bacteria shorten the life of flowers.

Don't Cut Stems Straight

3) Cut each flower stem on an angle with a sharp knife or garden shears and place it directly into water. Using dull cutting tools will damage the cell structure of the flower stem and prevent it from absorbing water. Stems that are cut and left out of water will take in air, which will prevent them from taking in water properly. Flower stems that are cut straight sit at the bottom of the vase and again are unable to take in water.

4) Place the vase in a cool, but not cold location away from sun, drafts and heat.

Change Water

5) Change the water at least every other day. Remember, dirty water breeds bacteria. Wash the vase with soap and water and repeat the steps listed above.

Remove Dead Flowers

6) Keep your flowers looking fresh by removing any dead or dying blossoms from the vase. As new flower buds open, take off the fading ones. This will send energy to the new flowers instead of wasting it on the old.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Flower Mix Basket

Spring Mix Flower Basket

*During Valentine's Day Week & Mother's Day Week
Amount Price Shown Doesn't Apply